Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Deeper Look

No-No cooking with her new kitchen

Yesterday I had what seemed to be a very huge issue with my recent ebay escapades.

On 7/2 I won an auction for the Little Tikes kitchen I wanted for No-No, our 1 1/2 y/o dd. I had no emails from them and contacted them the next day. The auction didn't state when the kitchen would be shipped, but I assumed that it would be within a week which is what ebay requires. Well, to make this incredibly long story very short, she gave me 2 possible dates of shipment-saying in the last one that it had been shipped, and wouldn't give me any info on where it was shipped from or an order/confirmation/tracking number saying that because of the method of input, there's no such number. I was wary of the happenings but wanted to give her the benefit and not be to hasty to freak out. So after each email I just waited. Finally, last Tues or Wed I did start worrying and emailed again. It was to be shipped via Greyhound Express and they were supposed to call when it got to the station nearest me. I hadn't yet gotten such a call and told the seller this. She suggested I call the station and check if it was there as sometimes they don't call. Not thinking too much into it, I called early Mon (7/28) morning as soon as I got that email (which I obviously waited a while for). The person at the station told me it was there. I mentioned but didn't ask why I had not gotten a call, I was just glad it was there. I sent my parents to get it, it's rather large, and when they came back, they told me that they had to pay a $10 to release it as a storage fee. WHAT?! I called the local customer service #, no answer. I called the company customer service # and got a girl who was not very friendly. I explained to her my irritation that I never received a call or message about my package and wanted to know how I could be charged a storage fee if I didn't know it was there. She told me that someone had put it that they called twice Mon 7/21 and left a message. I told her this was wrong. She then said that the only way I could get a refund is to go back to that station and talk to the person that put that info in. WHAT?! I'm thinking, are you seriously saying this to me? What am I going to do, argue with a liar? Anyway, I hung up on her since she became quite nasty. Then I emailed the seller again telling of what happened and that I feel that if she would have gotten back to me sooner, I would have known to expect it then (and not be charged a fee), as well as her lack of sharing any knowledge of this kind of thing happening.

Here's the deal. If I would have had some, even any information about my shipment, I could have called to inquire where it was. That's what the seller wrote back with...that I could have called on my own without her suggestion. What am I going to do, call every day every hour? I didn't know the exact shipping date, order number, nothing. I also had found out, but not said, that I know she lied to me about the date of shipment. She told me, the last time, that it shipped "late last week", it didn't. Now that I have the order slip, I know that she didn't ship it until the day after she responded to me. I have since emailed ebay to find out what they suggest I do. I feel like she should have to pay the storage fee. Not because they didn't call me but because she lied, and failed to provide me with any information.

Needless to say, I am extremely upset at the least. I told a few people about this and they agreed that I should call and file complaints etc. Although I have done it, I'm quite tired of going through this kind of thing. It's exhausting and is emotionally wearing. No one like fighting or arguing but doing it over the computer is even worse because you don't know when they're going to reply. It's possible you are quite over it and then it all comes back up. I had to do some serious internal searching for what I really wanted from this situation. Yeah, I want this seller's head, but how badly? No-No has her kitchen, it's in tact, and I can now choose if I really want to ever talk to this seller again. I'm thinking I'd rather be at peace then worry about some jerk in Texas. So, I'm going to leave it at that...a lesson. I will never do anything that requires using Greyhound as a shipping method, nor will I ever buy or speak to this seller again. I think I'd rather take the high road, wouldn't you?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Just One More Rose...

Dear Diary,

I am very sad that my first post on this blog was about Randy Pausch's death.

So many good people have died lately and it's hard to take some times. I nearly fell over when I heard that George Carlin passed...even worse was what Jerry Seinfeld said about their last conversation. He said they were talking about the erie thing of how celebrates die in groups of 3. Someone had just died making it 3 and George said that he felt safe, for now, and "they" wouldn't be coming after him yet. It bought him some time. That was freakin creepy! Cause a few days later, he died. Yeah, that one was hard to take. He was a genius and there's no one else like him.

A little over 2 months ago, one of our friends died. He was murdered in a car along with someone else. He didn't deserve that. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time and I refuse to think that it was his time to go. Luckily, they, our friends and the police, knew who did it. That guy knew they knew too. So he went, stole a car, talked a bunch of crap, and killed himself on a freeway overpass right before rush hour. There was a long police stand-off. The whole thing was so senseless and stupid that it's hard to swallow. Dh had just picked up our friend from the airport like a week and a half before that happened. All I kept thinking was, "he just picked him up, he just came home". I'm still sad and mad about that.

So, I promise that from now on, I won't be talking about death anymore...unless something else happens. From now on it's fun, craziness, and stuff.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

"Let Your Kids Paint On The Walls"

("Peace" roses)

"I just heard the news...Randy Pausch has passed away after a long battle with cancer. Right away I started tearing up, got a lump in my throat, and my heart sank through the floor. I'm completely devastated. Because of his generosity, letting us all into his life, he became like family to so many even if we've never met him. I feel like we have all lost such a model mentor for us all. We all have something to learn from Randy. He truly had a unique way of looking at life. He didn't get lost in some rut like most of us do everyday. He took life head on and followed his dreams by upholding a great optimism. His life did come full circle as few do. I can honestly say that as I look at the achievements he has made. Although I am so sad about this loss, I am blessed to have had the opportunity to have learned from him some of the greatest lessons in my life.

If you haven't thought you have had the time to watch Randy Pausch's lecture, PLEASE do! Not only is his story a fascinating inspiration, he has a terrific humor too. Please watch his lecture, read his book, and visit his website!