Monday, December 19, 2011

Maybe a Christmas Miracle?

A friend of mine has been having kidney trouble for years and I think it's getting to where she may need a transplant. I felt awful for her this last week, it was her birthday and she had to spend it in the hospital. I'm pretty sure her problems are related to her lupus but I think she has acquired a host of other problems that have branched off into other things. I know she's been seeing kidney disease doctors for a very long time but I'm not exactly sure what they have told her.

I'm hoping the best for her and that a solution comes soon. She's younger than I am and it's hard to see her have to go through so much and stick to limitations that she tries to rebel against. She had tried to move off to college but had to come back due to a lack of people support. I think she's on the registry to have a transplant and there was a rumor there might have been kidney doctors in maryland that had a match, but it didn't end up working out for some reason. That was disappointing. Hopefully soon though...